Being arrested or contacted by law enforcement authorities is an
especially stressful and difficult time.  The Hames Law Firm has the
experience and know how to successfully guide you through those
difficult times.  Mr. Hames has handled almost every kind of
criminal matter in state and federal court including: business disputes
that turn criminal, white collar charges, financial transaction crimes,
drug crimes, sex crimes, and crimes of violence.


Businesses and professionals can be subject of intense investigative
efforts by law enforcement authorities.  Mr. Hames has successfully
represented clients during the investigative phase.  In some cases he
was able to avoid criminal charges for his clients and in other cases
he was able to significantly lessen the damage.

After Arrest

If you have been arrested the Hames Law Firm can initially help you
attempt to secure bail.   When the case proceeds to trial you need to
have someone that you can trust and that is willing to fight for you.  
Mr. Hames has significant experience in aggressively representing
people and businesses in all types of crimes.  

Mr. Hames will actively attempt to mitigate the damage that criminal
charges or an investigation may cause to your life or business.  Mr.
Hames will aggressively assert every viable defense available to you.
Working for you during  
difficult times.
Criminal Defense
Working for you
during a difficult